10ml x 23mtrs          25ml x 23mtrs          38ml x 23mtrs*​


Plain Satin Cord Size:  3ml x 100mtrs

Organza with Satin Edge - Plain

Elastic Metallic Cord Size:  2ml x 100mtrs

3ml x 50mtrs 6ml x 30mtrs​

Grosgrain - Plain & With saddle stitching

10ml x 25mtrs          15ml x 25mtrs          25ml x 25mtrs          38ml x 23mtrs​

Saddle Stitching Available Sizes:

Available Sizes:

*Limited stock colours avaliable. Please inquiry before ordering.*


Themed - Christmas, Star, Spots Swirls & more

10ml x 23mtrs          15ml x 23mtrs          25ml x 23mtrs          38ml x 23mtrs​

Available Sizes:

38ml x 23mtrs          75ml x 23mtrs

10ml x 23mtrs          15ml x 23mtrs          22ml x 23mtrs​

With a large variety in stock, please contact our friendly staff for further details & pricing.

25ml x 30mtrs

38ml x 30mtrs

50ml x 30mtrs

75ml x 30mtrs

Available Sizes:

Plain Available Sizes:

10ml x 30mtrs

15ml x 30mtrs

Metallics & Cords

Organza with Satin Edge - Silver or Gold side thread

Satin - Plain single sided